Artist Statement & Bio

Oftentimes words escape me, for I am better at expressing myself through my painting.  Here is my attempt to better clarify what my art means to me.  In every stage of my life art has been there.  Sometimes at the very center other times hidden behind a busy life.  After, my children were grown my Arts voice grew very loud and would not be hushed. Though mostly self-taught, I did return to school and received my Associates in Art in the spring of 2014.

As a child I was always doodling, writing on furniture and constantly thinking about how I could make “that” look more real.  I was given an airbrush when I was 16 and that was an opening to a whole new world.  I was good at portraits and realism, but there was a lack of substance, emotion and no story.  I realized that “I” was missing from my own Art.  It was time to stop mimicking and find the emotional depth and heart that I want to express in my art.  For the next few years I took lessons from a fabulous abstract artist using acrylics.  Learning to have a much looser brush and to let myself play.  I began to see, more color, value, depth especially in my realism.  I have painted in many mediums, but Oil paint knocked me off my feet, I am very taken with it and the end result.

Although, I am not a native of Omaha it is my home by choice.  My family and I have grown much with the warmth and acceptance that this community has    welcomed us with.  Each season here brings new inspirations.  Not to mention the rich scenery of landscape that can be found here.  Whether it is a busy city waking to the sunrise or a quite farmland dozing in the setting sun.  There is always something that catches my eye and makes me think, “Just maybe….”.

The best advice I have received was, “Grow where you are planted”, and despite some uprooting experiences I have finally set in my roots.  Now it’s time to go play and see where this wonderful journey takes me and my art.